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10 Genius Email Marketing Strategies for You to Admire (and Swipe!)

Anna Burgess Yang

Every company has an email strategy. Customers have their inboxes flooded by the hours with content to read. How can you make sure that your content doesn't end up being ignored - or worse, hit with an "unsubscribe"?

Announcements and newsletters are one thing. Coming up with creative ways to catch your readers' attention is another. You want to balance frequency with meaningful content to get the best results for your business.

As you think about how to best target your audience, consider the ultimate goal of your email campaigns. The tactics you use should mirror your overall email campaign strategy.

Do you want to drive more people to your website? Increase conversions? Promote brand awareness?

We've compiled a list of email marketing strategies that can give you a fresh approach to your email campaigns.

1. A Curated Newsletter

Newsletters can be full of information about your company, recent events, new services... and end up boring. A lengthy newsletter is likely to wind up in the email trash.

Instead, focus on curating content to interest your audience. Find interesting industry-related stories to share, or make "recommendations" to your audience. 

2. Feature Real People and Stories

Your audience wants to see themselves in your company. Share real photos from your customers, along with their stories. Help your audience celebrate the success of your other customers so that they can envision their own success.

3. Rewards for Sharing

Want to grow your audience? Offer rewards to your customers for encouraging others to sign up or share your content. This one requires a bit more work to track the shares from your audience but worth the organic growth of your audience.

Rewards could be anything from a discount on your product or service to a generic gift card. You can also do a shout-out in your email campaigns to customers that have achieved a "brand ambassador" status.

4. Develop a Personality

Do you want your business to be perceived as fun? Quirky? Experts in your field?

Whatever you decide, that personality should come shining through in your email campaigns. Not only that, but the personality should be reflected across all of your platforms, from your website to social media.

Work to develop a voice that makes your business unique. It will make your audience feel that you are not "just another company that provides x."

5. Spark Curiosity

Sometimes great email campaigns are very minimalist. You could include an interesting photo or odd quote that gets your audience to click through to your website to learn more. This could take the reader to a special promotion, blog post, or other content that you are trying to feature.

6. Email-Only Content

If you provide a lot of the same content across all your platforms, your audience does not have a reason to stay on your email campaign list. Why look at another email in the inbox if the same promotion is on Facebook?

By making sure to include email-only content, you're more likely to retain your audience. These could be deals that are offered only via email or tips and tricks.

7. Embrace FOMO

Fear-of-missing-out is a real motivator. This tactic works well for events, particularly limited-time or act-quickly.

You can include information about how many other people have already signed up or photos from past events. You want your audience to feel that all of your best customers are participating, and they should too.

8. Spotlight Your Employees

One of the reasons many consumers use small businesses is that they feel they know the business. By providing information about your employees, you can help your audience feel more connected.

Share information about a different employee each quarter. Highlight any community involvement that your employees do. You can also feature your employees' favorite books, music, or habits to make your audience feel that they know you.

9. Target Higher Engagement

You should be tracking the performance of your email campaigns. Through analytics, you can identify customers that engage a lot (with a high number of opens) and customers that engage very little.

Use this information to your advantage and segment your audience. Send a campaign that specifically targets your highly engaged audience to see if you can drive engagement even more. This audience is most likely to click through or be a word-of-mouth advocate for your business.

On the flip side, also try to target your low audience. This might require a creative email subject. You can also try cross-promoting on your other platforms to see if you can boost this engagement more, such as "Check your email for a special offer!"

10. Incorporate More Than Just Words

Some people are more visual and less likely to read content. You can also use video in an email to tug at the emotions of your audience. A good way to start is with a welcome email for new subscribers that features a video making them aware of who you are and what they can expect from your business.

"Behind the scenes" video content can also help your audience to feel they know your business. You can conduct interviews with employees or customers. Keep the videos short and track how many views you receive to know if they are effective.

Boost Your Campaigns' Success With These Email Marketing Strategies

Small businesses understand that their customers expect personalized interaction. They want to know and love the business: it is what drives them to remain loyal. By using these email marketing strategies, you can make your business stand out from your competitors.

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