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When Is the Right Time to Start Considering Nearshore Developers?

Anna Burgess Yang

Managing software development is an increasingly difficult task. Users today demand more complex products, at faster speeds, with the same level of quality.

Having the right team in place is about more than just the technical skills. Development resources today need the right depth of knowledge, and also need the ability to juggle new projects against existing software maintenance.

If you find it hard to balance your development staff against competing interests from stakeholders, you're not alone. Hiring a development resource is a big commitment. Beyond that, finding the right fit can be challenging.

There are many reasons that your needs may outpace your ability to hire. Let's explore some of the tipping points and why nearshore developers can be the answer.

Knowing When To Add To Your Development Team

If you find it hard to balance your development staff against competing interests from stakeholders, you're not alone. Hiring a developer is a big commitment, and finding the right resource can take time. In some cases, your software development needs don't exactly align with the ability to hire more resources.

Company Growth

While growth is the goal of any company, sometimes growth can happen faster than you can add additional resources. Growth may mean more projects with tighter deadlines. 

The demand for software developers is expected to continue to increase as companies face additional needs. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of software developers is expected to grow 22% between now and 2029. Not only is your company experiencing a growing need for software developers, but the same is true for many other companies.

Taking on a Short-Term Project

Some software development projects have a specific start and end date. Your company may have a project that it would like to bring to market, and it will take additional development resources to get there. However, upon completion of the project, the resources would no longer be needed. 

Taking on a New Technology

Because the landscape of software development is ever-changing, some projects may require technical expertise in a new area. Your existing development team simply may not have those skills. You may know that there is a "better way" to approach a project or product but cannot get there with your current resources. 

Why Outsource Your Developers?

In today's world, your software development team no longer needs to be entirely in-house. If you outsource your developers, you can augment your existing team with the right resources.

Hiring developers is a very involved process. It takes much longer than most other professions and usually requires multiple levels of interviews. Additionally, if your needs are due to changing your technical approach, you may not have the internal expertise to evaluate a new hire's skills.

You can save on some of the headaches associated with adding additional in-house resources, including:

  • No need to go through an onboarding process
  • Save on the logistical requirements of an on-staff employee
  • Can add and remove resources as your needs change

While many developers are looking for jobs, not all of them are good. You may invest in adding resources to your team only to find that the person is not a good fit or doesn't have the depth of skills that a quality software developer needs.

Outsourced developers are managed by firms that have pre-screened the resources. You know that you are getting software developers with the skills and expertise you need, along with a management resource to guide the project.

Why Choose Nearshore Software Developers?

When you think of outsourced software developers, you may immediately think of "offshore" developers. Offshore development is not a new concept: you hire developers located in another country.

However, offshore development teams can have some drawbacks. Time zone differences can be a big barrier.

If you are not able to collaborate effectively with your offshore team, your project may suffer. Software development, particularly agile development, requires tight communication and responsiveness. You also need the flexibility to make changes if the situation requires and not wait on a response from a team located twelve time zones away.

Instead of looking for an offshore development team, you can consider nearshore developers. Nearshore software developers are still an outsourced solution but located in a country closer in proximity.

There are many benefits of nearshore software development. In addition to being able to nimbly add or remove resources as needed, a nearshore development team can impact your company in other ways.


Nearshore developers live in countries with a lower cost-of-living. Therefore, they cost less than hiring an in-house developer. You also only pay for the resources that you need for a particular project.

Closer Collaboration

Unlike offshore developers, nearshore developers can collaborate closely with your team in the same or similar time zones. Teams can communicate in real-time. If your project requires in-person collaboration, this is also easier, and travel expenses will be much lower.


Nearshore developers are highly skilled, and you will have a pool of talent. They often have similar educational backgrounds and experience to your own developers. You can also find nearshore developers that have knowledge specifically about your industry so that you know it will be the right fit for your project. 

Finding the Right Nearshore Developers for Your Team

When you select a firm for nearshore software development, you want to find the right team. Your nearshore team should provide a high quality of service and have a wide range of expertise. Whether you are looking to scale your existing development resources or develop a new product, a nearshore team can quickly get up to speed.

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