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About Me

About me.

When I was young, the answer to “What do you want to be when you grow up?” was always “a writer.”

Somewhere in my college years, my dream gave way to pragmatism. I had heard of starving artists, and did not know if the world would have space for my writing.

And so, I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, but went into a completely different field. I went to work for a software company that developed loan management solutions. I worked from home and had flexible hours.

Through it all, I kept writing. I maintain a blog and have ideas spinning around in my head for books (though parenting does not leave a lot of free time). Then Covid-19 hit and I began to examine what makes me happy and what is going to fulfill me.

I have five children, three living (read more about them here) and married my high school sweetheart. I like hot coffee, hot yoga, and am involved in a local hospital parent group.

I think of myself as “constantly creating” because it is a never-ending process. Whether you have an interest in my blog, my freelance writing, or other projects, I am glad you are here.

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